The Monte Alto farm has a historical dedication to coffee. The Ribeiro do Valle family have been dedicated to coffee for over 136 years, today the 9th generation of the family are running the farm. The family’s patriarch is well known in the region and is known as “Barao do Guaxupe” which is also the brand of their commercial coffee.

The farm house is very special, it is a place that has been carefully restored and preserved by its owners. There’s a place dedicated to some relics from a past generation. The owners intend to turn this house into a museum to tell people about the history of the farm.

More thank 30 families live and work on the property. The majority of these families are either children or grandchildren of previous employees! they create an amazing relationship with the farm and people living nearby.

The farm has 30% of it’s land dedicated to an environmental reserve, the highlight being a huge Jequitiba tree, a native species completely preserved with an estimated age of over 1,000 years old!

Monte Alto provides many facilities to the people living on the farm especially programmes helping children, the farm has a school which gives children computer classes a library and a playground.

Monte Alto | Brazil | 250g

  • Origin: Brazil

    Process: Natural

    Producer: Carlos Henrique Ribeiro

    Varietal: Yellow Catuai 

    Tasting notes: Plum, pecan nuts, mandarin