We currently have a washed Caturra on bar, from the Marta Meija Lopez Estate in Guatemala. All of our coffee is roasted by the experts at Full Circle Coffee in Portobello, Dublin. 


We can grind your coffee to your liking, just choose your coffee set-up at home and we can grind for you at no extra cost.


The Marta Meija Lopez farm is situated in the middle of a limestone valley in la Libertad, Huehuetenango, Guatemala. The valley creates a stable microclimate, protecting the farm from extreme weather conditions. This, along with the chalky soils contributes to the dense, syrupy body, and pronounced acidity in the cup. The Coffee here grows at up to 1900 masl (metres above sea level), giving the cup a very refined acidity and floral characteristics. The owner Marta has also been experimenting with honey and natural processing and has built a parabolic drier in order to create a clean cup in the humid conditions.

Large parts of the farm are protected areas of wild forest, much of which is used to prevent soil erosion and reduce the plant's exposure to winds. This is based on a permaculture model, with the intention of sustainability and respect for the environment, to try and recreate coffee’s natural habitat in high altitude forests.

House Coffee | Guatemala | 1KG

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  • Origin: Guatemala

    Process: Washed

    Owner: Marta Meija Lopez 

    Variety: Caturra 

    Tasting notes: Peach, milk chocolate, caramel

    Altitude: 1650 masl

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